Your New Zealand adventure will begin upon your arrival in Christchurch, New Zealand where you will be met by your guide.  The flight to New Zealand usually travels from Los Angeles and it takes 12 hours from there to Christchurch.  Upon arrival your guide will load your equipment and you will depart by truck south to our private hunting areas or west to the coast for a wilderness hunt.  Bring your camera because there's impressive views around every corner.

Seasons and licenses

Big game in New Zealand can be hunted year round but we typically hunt from March until July.  The stag roar starts in March and goes into April.  Tahr and chamois hunting are at the prime in May and June.  No hunting licence is required to hunt private land in New Zealand.  One is required for hunting on public land but there is no charge. 



Clothing should be for cool to cold conditions, which may include rain and snow - especially during May, June and July.  Boots must have a good sole, or deep cleats, be broken in and waterproof.  It is essential regardless of the month of the year to bring good lightweight windproof rain gear since the weather can change at any time. New Zealand seasons are opposite to those in the Northern Hemisphere; summer in North America is winter in New Zealand.

firearms and Optics

A lot of our hunting is done in open alpine country, where animals can be seen at long distances.  It is important to have a good set of binoculars for spotting game.  It is not necessary to bring a spotting scope, all of our guides carry one and also laser range finders when ‚Äčnecessary.

Bringing your rifle to New Zealand is easy.  A Firearms Licence and Import Permit are available at the port of entry into the country.  Documentation can be obtained from us prior to your hunt regarding the importation of your firearms into New Zealand.  There is no paperwork required for bringing a bow into New Zealand.  If you are bringing your own firearm you will need your US gun permit and NZ$25 in cash when you arrive at the airport. You must declare your firearm when you arrive and proceed to the Police desk in the arrival hall. The Police do not accept US currency or credit cards so you will need to get the NZ$25 from your departure airport. 

Most shots are between 100-300 yards on big game so .270 win to .300 win mags are best.  

If you wish to use our firearms we have a few .270 caliber rifles available, we do not charge for their use but we do ask you bring some ammunition (40 rounds of 160 grain ammunition is recommended) with you since it is very expensive here in New Zealand.